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I’ve worked with Jerry and his office for a few years now. He’s been very helpful with my needs, and he’s also been supportive of activities and events related to my own disability. Even though I have a disability, I’m a big believer in continuing to live an active life with a quality of life similar to all my friends. First, Jerry’s office helped my parents update their estate planning to include the special needs trust requirements for my distributions. I have peace of mind knowing any inheritance left to me will not impact my ongoing government benefits that I’ve qualified for on my own. These benefits are important for my ongoing life.

Additionally, Jerry is supportive of my education needs and my ongoing fundraising events related to my own disability. His team has been helpful with information related to ABLE accounts, and the evolving tools available to me and my family. This ongoing education support is just something they do as part of being a client. It is also good to know Jerry supports events I’m involved in within the community, and I truly appreciate his support for the special needs community and events.